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Tamiya 1/16 XB German Tiger 1 Tank R/C RTG c/w Full Options 23623

Just about every sound the real Tiger I made can be made on Tamiya's massive 1/16 scale model Tiger I. When the tank is switched on, either a manual crank start sound, or an automatic engine start sound is heard. Once the engine is turned over, its time to move the tank around and the engine roar increases just as the real Tiger I. On stopping, the sound of idling begins. Once a target is located, rotate the massive turret and listen to the grinding of gears of the real German war machine. The more you control this R/C tank, the more you will feel like the commander of the full size Tiger I.

The only working King Tiger tank in the world is on display at the Saumur Tank Museum in France. Since the Tiger I used basically the same type of Maybach powerplant, some Tamiya staff members made their way to France to investigate. They recorded all the sounds of the real tank including; battery start-up, crank start-up, fly-wheel sound, etc. All the sounds of the enormous V-12 700hp engine have been clearly recorded and are waiting for you in Tamiya's 1/16 R/C Tiger I. Features of the model include rotating turret can be rotated, gun can be raised, lowered and fired. Recreated sound effects, recorded from a real Tiger Working machine gun Torsion bar suspension ,DMD control unit Factory assembled gearbox, Assembled tracks Full Operation Set 4 Channel Transmitter. All in all an awe inspiring model.

This model comes pre-built and painted by expert model masters!!!

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Tamiya RC Tank Battle System 53447 (OP-447)

System for realistic tank to tank battles. Enhances the Tiger 1 or Sherman M4 with infrared LED and receiver permitting accurate light emission and detection at up to 30m, even outdoors.
1. The sounds, lights and recoil of both firing at a tank and being hit by enemy fire are realistically recreated with this unit. The engine sound of damaged tank becomes irregular and speed slows.
2. The more times the damage sensor is hit, the more the running power of the tank is decreased, from `damaged' to `inoperative, when all the tank control is lost.
3. After 15 seconds the `cell start' of the engine is heard and the tank is made operative again for the next battle. Firing from an enemy tank has no effect during this time, allowing for evasive action.
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> Radio Control Vehicles > Tamiya RC Tank Kits
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