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Hornby Elite Digital Control Centre DCC R8214

Hornby Elite Digital Control Centre DCC R8214
Hornbys' feature-packed Elite DCC controller is capable of answering the needs of most railway layouts, with control knobs to control two train plus a large LCD display showing information on the locomotive and speed selected.

The Elite can address up to 254 locomotives, controlling up to 13 functions per locomotitve,  plus 255 accessories. The 4 amp power supply delivers 3 amps for track power plus a 1 amp accessory supply outlet, sufficient to run 4-6 trains simultaneously and provide a separate feed for point motors etc.
XpressNet data communication is supported, allowing power supply boosters to receive command signals direct from the controller and the Elite is RailCom enabled for data read-back from RailCom compatible decoders. A USB port is provided for connection to a PC allowing the Elite to interface between a computer-based control system (eg Hornby RailMaster) and the trains running on your layout. (software must be purchased separately)

The Hornby Elite unit is an ideal way for the enthusiast to take their train control to a new and advanced level, with facilities to expand the control and power supply to a layout built-in.
Railcom is a registered trademark of Lenz Elektronic.
The Hornby Elite is quite literally designed for the model layout that demands more control.
  • Controls up to 10 trains simultaneously, providing the necessary power is available.
  • The 4 amp power supply included allows for up to nine locomotives (depending on the individual locomotive requirements) to be running at any one time.
  • The 4 amp power supply allows for 3 amps to the track with 1 amp to the accessory outlet.
  • Incorporates 128 speed steps for smooth control of locomotives.
  • Can programme locomotives with up to 255 levels of acceleration / deceleration.
  • The Elite Unit supports up to thirteen functions per locomotive if available.
  • Able to programme up to 255 locomotives or other items containing a locomotive decoder and 255 points or other items that rely on a solenoid for operation. eg. electrically operated signals, electrically operated uncouplers and point motors.
  • The Elite accommodates decoders that incorporate a functioning feed back system.
  • Supports XpressNet protocol.
  • A PC interface socket allows for the upload of new firmware and the use of third party applications.
  • Uncontrolled 15V DC accessory power outlet.
  • An LCD screen displays both alpha and numeric information.
  • External boosters can be supported through the XpressNet port or by direct connection to the booster outputs. (A standard RJ12 six-way cable can be used to connect the Elite to a booster which has an RJ12 socket).
  • Up to 8 Select units can be connected to the "Elite" for individual control of 9 locomotives providing power is available.
  • The Select can be used as a Walkabout Unit when connected to the Hornby Elite Digital Unit.
  • The Elite unit is "Railcom" (? Lenz Elektronik, GmbH) enabled. Railcom (? Lenz Elektronik, GmbH ) allows communication from the locomotive to the controller. Occupancy detection and the relaying of location information to a controller and from a controller to a Personal Computer will require occupancy detection hardware and a change to the specification of Xpress Net and Railcom (? Lenz Elektronik, GmbH).
  • The Elite is capable of speed profiling locomotives for double heading
  • Hornby  Elite Digital Control Centre DCC R8214
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