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Peco SmartSwitch Point Operation Set PLS-100

Peco SmartSwitch Point Operation Set PLS-100
The ANE model Smart Switch provides an excellent flexible solution to remote point control using a programmable four-switch control board with outputs for highly controllable servo motor machines. The servo motors can be installed under or above the baseboard with the drive arranged in several ways to activate points, semaphore signals or level crossing gates.
The board also provides for feedback outputs to power indicator LEDs on a control panel. Points are activated from a control panel using change-over toggle switches (supplied) or the board can be programmed to accept a signal from a push-to-make button switch. Due to the low currents needed for these command signals multi-way computer ribbon cabling can be used to keep wire runs tidy for connection to centralised control panels. Additional servo extension leads are readily available, these are the same leads as used by RC modellers.
For use with insulated frog or power-routing points. For live frog points requiring power feeds a SmartFrog polarity switching unit will soon become available.

The set includes all the equipment to operate four points. Everything is in the set - wiring, servos, switches and the Smartswitch control board. This compares very favourably in cost to other slow motion point control systems on the market.
Ultimate flexibility - Smartswitch can not only operate points but also crossing gates, semaphore signals or any creative animation you can think of.
Easy to install - Built in drilling template and virtual centre line for easy trouble free mounting PLUS more mounting options: central, off centre or horizontal, above or below the baseboard.
Nine adjustable servo speeds - the SmartSwitch control board gives you a wide choice of servo speeds. You can operate your points with a snap action or in scale slow speeds.
Control board can control up to four servos - plus you can simultaneously control up to four servos using just one switch.
SmartSwitch remembers the point positions when the power is off.
Low current drain - operates from 9 - 12v DC
The main set PLS-100 comprises of the following components;
  • SmartSwitch board-the brains of the system
  • Programming board-used to set the speed and desired movement of the servo
  • 4 x servo motors-including all brackets, fixings and template stickers for positioning
  • 4 x 1 cable- with plug-in sockets
  • Easy-to-follow set-up manual

Full English Instruction Manual

Peco  SmartSwitch Point Operation Set PLS-100
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> Power & Electrics > Electric Point Control
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