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Bravo Delta 1/28 Hawker Demon Display Model 64 Squadron Antics Special ANTBD8

The latest limited edition crafted for us by Bravo Delta - the famous Hawker Demon as flown in 1937 by 64 Squadron - is just gorgeous - if that's a suitable description for an aircraft model. Solid mahogany with a deep, rich hand painted finish, nice detailing and a period feel. Just look at the photograph!

Complete with display stand and brass name plaque the model is made from hand crafted mahogany and has a wingspan of 395mm and a length of 320mm.

Having been formed in Egypt in early 1936, 64 Squadron flew aircraft with no markings.Once the Abbysinian Crisis had subsided and it had relocated to Martlesham Heath, Kent, the Squadron adopted an unusual red and blue trellis design.K4520 displays A flight leaders's markings on the fin and tail and also the squadron badge within the 'Spearhead' fighter unit symbol on the fin.

The Hawker Demon was a 2 seat fighter derivative of the Hawker Hart bomber, that was found to be quicker than many of the fighters of the period. Designed by the legendary Sydney Camm, the Demon entered service in March 1931 and was still in frontline units in 1939, when they were quickly replaced as monplanes now out performed. However, over 1000 had been built - a great success for the period - and it had been an important link in the development high performance fighters through the 30's.

Bravo Delta 1/28 Hawker Demon Display Model 64 Squadron Antics Special  ANTBD8
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> Large Scale Display Aircraft
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